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Cyberbike - Exergaming at home for smartphones & mobiles

An original accessory

This exercise bike is a genuine innovation.
It is simple to connect it to your mobile device and can be used by all the family, from kids to adults, thanks to the adjustable cushioned seat and pivoting handlebars.

CYBERBIKE is an wireless exercise bike using Bluetooth with an adjustable Tension Control and a silent magnetic resistance.

Adjustable Handlebar

Tablets & Smartphones holder

Compatible with size 5" and up devices, keep it at sight while pedaling with the resistant holder provided on the rotating handlebar.

Adjustable Seat

Adjustable Seat

Seat can be adjusted to seven different heights. Fun for the entire family! Additional switch in the saddle to activate special game features when the player lifts from the seat.

Magnetic Resistance & Real-Time Speed

Magnetic Resistance & Real-Time Speed

Adjustable pedal resistance.
The speed of pedaling is transferred in real-time thanks to the internal optical sensor.

Our experience in exergaming

The CYBERBIKE MOBILE EDITION is a variation of our famous home exercise bike, available on PlayStation®3 and Nintendo Wii™ for years now. A lot of people already loved what the Cyberbike had proposed. Now, thanks to your support, we think that it will be possible to develop a new generation.

Cyberbike - Nintendo Wii / PlayStation 3

The CYBERBIKE was the first real home exercise bike that you can connect to your console! The accessory was available with a real videogame, with a dozen levels across various modes, different environments and numerous challenges to unlock.
Plus, the CYBERBIKE for PlayStation®3 includes magnetic resistance to accurately change the difficulty level on the fly through the game!

The Samsung Smart TV edition of the CYBERBIKE was provided with four different applications, providing a fun gaming time for all the family while exercising. All of those games feature an arcade mode and a fitness mode, that includes a virtual coach to setup a personalized or a free program.

Now we need your support to build the new CYBERBIKE.
It will be connected with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, plus any recording activity wearable, like a smart band or watch through the mobile device.

These apps are above all YOUR apps, so do not hesitate to give us your ideas and expectations. Your help is important to make it real.

About Safari Crowdfunding

Safari Crowdfunding is a crowdfunding platform born in Spain in late 2014.  This is not just a crowdfunding platform, is a meritocracy, connecting creators and supporters to make something happen based on merits and innovation.

A healthy madness to fund innovation!

Our mission is to help creators, entrepreneurs, micro SMEs or SMEs in early or growth stage to connect with enthusiastic backers to bring ideas and projects to live.

It is not about giving money away

In Safari Crowdfunding you will support projects, by simply backing the creation of an attractive and innovative product or service in exchange of a reward, typically from the product or service that it’s being presented. You decide how and how much.